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How to Make Nice with a Newport Bar Tender

In Newport RI, you’ll have a much better life and bar experience if you know how to interact with the local bar tenders.  The bar tenders in this town are constantly dealing with arrogance, stupidity, crass behavior and above all else disrespect.  This is not surprising when you have a college full of kids in their early twenties right down the street.  If there is one thing that these bar tenders want besides your money, it is respect.  When at a bar in Newport on a weekend, chances are it will be crowded and you will probably have to wait a while for a drink.  Remain calm and cool.  Put your money on the table so that they know your not just standing there trying to look cut.  Follow these guidelines and the service will come.  The more obnoxious you are, the less likely you are to get service in the future.  Also, the more respect you show, the better received you will be bu the staff and your peers.  Never complain to bartenders about how long the wait was.  Trust me they know!  And they have probably already been yelled at by every customer before you.  Be kind and the bar gods will shine down upon you.



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