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The Evolution of the American Beer

I am not old enough to remember a time when it was either Budweiser or Miller or a few other beers that tasted virtually the same.  Although I may have been alive when this was the case,( I was not old enough to drink).  I am however grateful that I never had to be a beer drinker in a time when my selection was limited to domestic beers that all had that generic taste and blonde color.  It seems as though every month these days, one or several American beer companies are coming out with new brews.  Whether they be limited edition or permanent beers, the selection is amazing.  These days, I at times feel overwhelmed by how many beers there are to choose from.  I am only talking about domestic beers.  It has always been the impression of the American beer community, that imports whether you hate them or love them, have more respect in the global beer community that American beers.  For example, you don’t see many Germans drinking Budweiser but you do see many Americans drinking Becks.   However, it is safe to say that America is stepping up its game and starting to give Europe a little more competition. Take a look at this article to learn more about the ever-expanding American beer industry.



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