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The World of Craft Beers

If you are someone who typically plays it safe and just likes to stick to the basic domestic brews than that is your choice.  However, I would highly encourage you to dive into the world of craft beers.  Craft beers are beers made typically at micro-breweries. They include ingredients unique to the area in which they were made.  They usually are not made for mass production.  However, smaller beer companies like Sam Adams make craft beers that are usually only around for a couple of months at a time that you can buy at package stores.  The reason why I would encourage anybody in the Newport area to experiment with craft beers, is because New England is a wonderful place to enjoy some really delicious craft beers.  The Alagash beer company would be one of my favorite companies that specializes in craft beers.  They are located in Maine.

In regards to the Newport area, the Coddington Brewery is a great place to score some fresh and tasty craft beers.  It is a micro-brewery/restaurant and their beer is some the best on the Island!  The blueberry is particularly good.  The Coddington Brewery is located on the Coddington Highway right up the street from CCRI.  To learn more about the world of craft beers, check out this website.


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