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Beer And Skiing Go Hand In Hand

In the Winter of 2010 I took a trip up to Tremblant Quebec to go skiing.  The resort was beautiful and the conditions on the slopes were pristine.  However, I have done plenty of skiing in my life and good skiing is something that I am very familiar with.  Besides, there was something at Tremblant that I enjoyed even more than the skiing.  There happened to be a nice pub at the base of the mountain called La Diable. This pub was also a micro-brewery.  Inside they offered four of their own in house brewed beers.  They had a blonde, an amber, a dark, and an extreme ale that had an alcohol percentage somewhere around 12%.   As a beer enthusiast and as someone who has tried his fair share of micro-brews and craft beers, I can honestly report to you that these were the best beers I had ever tasted.  Each one was just as good as the next.  Each one had the perfect amount of hoppy flavor and they all had a refreshing, clean finish.  What does this have to do with skiing you ask?  Well, good beer is one thin,g but good beer after a day or even just a few hours on the ski slopes is something else entirely.  The refreshment factor of beer is amplified immensely after a day of skiing or a day of any physical activity. Extreme temperatures make all the difference as well and naturally it was rather cold out.  The message of this anecdote is that if you ever find yourself in Tremblant Quebec, make sure you stop in to Le Diable and get yourself a few brews.  If your not staying within walking distance, I would strongly recommend that you bring a designated driver because you are not going to want to stop at just a couple of theses delicious beers.  In all honesty, the beer is so good that I find myself now, three years later thinking about them at any given moment.  I would go back just for the beer ,no joke!  Just as side note, Tremblant gets ranked as #1 ski area on the east coast every year in Ski Magazine.


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