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Q+A with Gas Lamp Grill Bar Manager



I recently sat down with Brian the bar manager at Gas lamp and asked him a few questions about how Thursday night at Gas lamp became the college night.
Q: When did Thursday night become college night at Gas lamp?
A: Over ten years ago. Before it was the Gas lamp it was called the Garden and that’s when we started to get the college kids in on Thursday nights. It’s great revenue!
Q: Do you know what it was that started the whole college night?
A: Ever since the owner started hiring college kids to work the bar, more and more college kids came in to drink on the nights that they where working. Apparently Thursday became the day when the most college kids where working the bar.
Q: How do you keep the kids coming in every Thursday?
A: The great kids that I have working behind the bar. There all smart and polite and know how to keep people coming back. Social media is also key. The kids who work here are always posting things on Facebook and twitter. By the time Thursday roles around all the Salve kids know what’s going to be happening here. The bartenders keep tabs on the social media because they want more customers to come in and give them tips.
Q: What’s the craziest thing that you’ve seen go down on a Thursday night?
A: I’ve seen a kid start a fight and then get dragged out the back door by four bouncers. As they were dragging him, he grabbed onto the railing and in mid air started crying his eyes out saying, “No I don’t want to leave all my friends are in there”.
Q: How often do you change the beers you have on tap?
A: Weekly.
Q: How do you continue to thrive as a bar in a town with so much competition?
A: It’s all about who you hire. We have a great staff that’s super friendly and that’s what keeps the people coming in the door.


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